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Vue 8 Residence Price

Last Updated: 21st April 2019

No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqftNo. of UnitsPrice ($)
1 BedroomA147412Sold Out
A1s6031Sold Out
A254912Sold Out
A2s6461Sold Out
1 Bedroom Total:26Sold Out
2 BedroomB170028Sold Out
B1s8182Sold Out
B1p19901Sold Out
B1p29581Sold Out
B277512Sold Out
B2s9261Sold Out
B2a77512Sold Out
B2as9261Sold Out
B37979Sold Out
B3s9901Sold Out
B3r1,0441Sold Out
B479714Sold Out
B4s8932Sold Out
B4p11,0871Sold Out
B4p21,0661Sold Out
B4a79714Sold Out
B579714Sold Out
B5s9041Sold Out
B5p1,0761Sold Out
2 Bedroom Total:117
3 BedroomC11,04413Sold Out
C1s1,0981Sold Out
C1p1,2491Sold Out
C21,03365Sold Out
C2s1,0981Sold Out
C2p11,1841Sold Out
C2p21,2591Sold Out
C2a1,0443Sold Out
C31,04414Sold Out
C3p1,2381Sold Out
C41,08740Sold Out
C4s11,0982Sold Out
C4s21,1301Sold Out
C4p1,2271Sold Out
3 Bedroom Total:145
4 BedroomD11,2388Sold Out
D1s1,4641Sold Out
D1r1,5391Sold Out
D21,31325Sold Out
D2p1,6681Sold Out
D2s1,3451Sold Out
D2a1,3451Sold Out
D31,34577Sold Out
D3s11,4641Sold Out
D3s21,5075Sold Out
D3p11,6581Sold Out
D3p21,7331Sold Out
D3p31,7551Sold Out
D3p41,7651Sold Out
D3p51,7761Sold Out
4 Bedroom Total:126
4 Bedroom Dual KeyDK1,61512Sold Out
DKs1,6901Sold Out
4 Bedroom Dual Key Total:13
5 BedroomE11,70112Sold Out
E1s1,9481Sold Out
5 Bedroom Total:13
4 Bedroom PenthousePH11,8735Sold Out
PH21,8841Sold Out
PH32,0341Sold Out
PH42,1531Sold Out
PH52,2283Sold Out
PH62,2391Sold Out
5 Bedroom PenthousePH72,3251Sold Out
PH82,69162,620,000 (Last Unit)
PH92,6802Sold Out
PH102,72312,685,000 (Last Unit)
6 Bedroom Penthouse + StudyPH113,3911Sold Out



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